Nightmare Noises

I’m going to take a break from my “Metal World” series and write about another style of music that is one of the most unique styles I’ve ever heard.

Many years ago when I was into Christianity, I came across a band from Sweden called, Mental Destruction.  One member of the band, Samuel Durling described their music as, “True Industrial” and also, “Orthodox Industrial”.  I’ve also heard it called “Noise Industrial”, but a friend of mine from Moscow calls it “Dark Ambient” and for simplicity sake, that’s the name I’ll use.


As time has passed, I’ve come across several Dark Ambient units including MD’s former label mates In Slaughter Natives; Lustmord, Arcana, Raison D’Etre, Atrium Caceri, Solar Fields and several others.  Dark Ambient is truly in a category by itself, it isn’t metal, rock, classical, country, or any other common label used today.


I’ve entitled this blog “Nightmare Noises” based on a production company called Cold Meat Industries sub title, “Your Nightmare Since 1987” and “For the music lover who can sit and enjoy the evolving sound of someone else’s nightmare”.  Truly Dark Ambient has some of the darkest and in some case, very sinister sounds, ever to be recorded.


Often times the artists take sounds throughout the world and blends them into eerie landscapes, utilizing common and uncommon instruments to create an atmosphere unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  Sometimes the lyrics can be sad or dreary and even sinister.  Often times, the vocals are distorted and inhuman, but sometimes there are strange whispering voices as well.

This combination makes for an enjoyable ride into a nightmare that is dark, yet very beautiful.  The low end sounds vibrate your eardrums and the high end will give you chills down your spine.  It is a very unique experience to listen to, and I admit that I don’t listen to Dark Ambient a lot, as it takes a lot to listen to it.

But don’t let that scare you off.  This style is beautiful, and strange, but in a good way.  It’s not as well known here in the States, but it seems to have a cult following in Europe and I think it’s even known is Asia.  So listen to the links I’ve posted and enjoy the nightmare that is Dark Ambient.


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