Hidden Treasures Pt. 5: Three


This is going to be part review and part tribute to the late Keith Emerson.  The album “To the Power of Three” came out after Carl Palmer’s band Asia went on a brief hiatus.  He rejoined Keith Emerson and guitarist, singer, bassist and producer Robert Berry and together they released this album, which although it didn’t sell very well, its track Talkin’ ‘Bout reached number 9 in the billboard top 200.

keith rip

Personally I have always liked this album quite a bit.  Berry’s vocals are on the level of Greg Lake and John Wetton and Palmer does his magnificent drum work as always.  And of course, the late Keith Emerson fills out the bands sound with his spectacular keyboards a piano playing.


The highlight songs on the album are not just Talkin’ ‘Bout, but a remake of the Birds classic Eight Miles High and the epic piece, Desde la Vida.  This last song is in the vein of classic prog rock music with three movements and featuring an instrumental piano break down by Keith Emerson.


As I touched on above, Emerson’s playing is as usual fantastic to hear.  Sadly due to health issues, he took his own life earlier this year.  He had suffered from depression, a form of heart disease and he had nerve damage in his right hand, which he felt would inhibit his live playing and disappoint his fans.

Whatever else can be said about this album, the musicianship is great and Emerson’s playing will be missed by those who knew and loved him and by his many, many fans from over the years with the Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and of course his solo albums.

rober b



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