Hidden Treasures Pt. 6 Dream After Dream



 You might think to yourself, why would I put Journey on this Hidden Treasures special?  After all, people who know classic rock, know who Journey are.  They have several gold and platinum albums and a string of singles which have charted quite well.  Escape, Frontiers, Raised on Radio and Trial by Fire, all are considered to be some of the greatest classic rock albums of all time.  Even albums such as Infinity and Departure are familiar albums.  Let’s face, Journey are very well known.

They are so well known internationally in fact, that in 1980 a movie studio in Japan asked them to compose a sound track for their movie called “Yume, Yume No Ato”, which became an album entitled Dream After Dream.  This rare gem has the Journey sound to it, but also has an unnamed orchestra (the musicians are listed on the album sleeve), giving the album a very unique sound to it.  It’s one of the last albums that pianist and keyboardist Gregg Rolie performs on and one of the first albums that drummer Steve Smith appears on.


The opening track Destiny (which is Journey’s longest recorded song), starts with a beautiful string and woodwind ensemble and Steve Perry’s smooth tenor is mournful and beautiful, along with some complex vocal arrangements as it tells the story of the characters and has a dream-like feel to it.  It weaves softly at first, but then in classic Journey style, Neal Schon’s growling guitar slams into your ears with a frenzy and the rest of the band joins in, making the song seem more frantic.  But it then smooths out into the main theme, which is quite haunting.


There are several beautiful instrumentals on the album, which are able to enhance the sounds that Journey often makes, giving it a uniqueness to.  Even the album cover is different in that it does not feature the ever present Scarab beetle on it.  There are two beautiful swans flying on the front cover, keeping with the overall dreamy feel to the album.

I have never seen the movie itself and the album is very rare.  I’ve not seen it on cd, but I do own a copy of it on vinyl.  I’m sure in this digital age it could be found on various internet radio stations and I-tunes, so if you ever want to hear a classic album by Journey that is unique, I highly recommend this one to you.


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