Darkrad: Heart Murmur (review)

heart murmur

In this review of Jana Dark’s latest album,” Heart Murmur”, I will refer to my interview of her in April of 2016 on occasion.  If you’d like to read it, just scroll down and there it is.

“Heart Murmur” is the latest full-length album by Jana Dark, and is it good.  This is Dark Ambient at is best!  On this album there are a lot of eerie sounds which take you on dark journey through the mind.  I got the album, along with her book, “King in the Thicket” (review coming soon), and listened to it while driving.  I am a delivery driver, so I have a lot of time to listen to different stuff and what I noticed about this album is that it’s very relaxing to listen to.  Driving as everyone knows, is a very stressful situation to be in, and this album is almost hypnotic in its sound.

In my interview with her a couple of years ago, Jana mentioned that voice is one her favorite instruments.  In the song, She Lives in Me, Jana’s voice can be heard whispering almost silently in the background, giving the song a soothing feel to it.  The stand out track in which she uses her voice the most is a bonus track called, Stone Upon Stone.  The song is, shall I say, is minimalistic in sound.  She is sort of chanting in Russian about loneliness and emptiness, but at about 3:20, she has her voice recorded in such a way, that when I first heard it, I jumped out of my skin and had chills down my spine.

There are 9 tracks on the first part of the album, plus an additional 6 bonus tracks added to. it  One track is a remix of the song called Dead Bodies, by Flint Glass, which is very electronica in its sound, and is a stellar version of the song.

If you like Dark Ambient music, this is a must have to add to your collection, or if you’re not familiar with the style, this is a great album to cut your teeth on.  Jana is a master (mistress?) at making darkness both eerie and beautiful to listen to.

Her web site is www.janadark.net

And her Bandcamp site is darkrad.bandcamp.com/















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